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Pressed specialises in creating custom keepsakes for couples who are looking for a way to cherish
their wedding blooms forever. 

Pressed dries and presses your fresh wedding bouquet and arranges the pieces within a frame.
Pressed operates with a book-in-advance model, so make sure you get in touch well before
your wedding. Find out more about the process and see the price list below.



There are lots of flowers that can't be pressed because they are too thick or dense (see list under 'Flower Suggestions'). For this reason, we need to know what flowers & foliage will be in your bouquet before proceeding with your booking request. If you're unable to provide this information, unfortunately we wont be able to book you in. If you don't yet know what will be in your bouquet, please send through inspiration photos as a guide. We don't need to work with all flowers/foliage in a bouquet, so long as the majority can be used. If there are key flowers that can't be used, we can replace with different pieces, if you're happy with this.  

Please note that pressed flowers aren't supposed to look identical to the fresh flowers. Once flowers are dried and pressed, the loss of moisture often means that colours and shapes change. While there are a lot of flowers that do retain their colour, it may not be as vibrant. Please also note that white flowers won't dry white, so keep this in mind if you're planning on having an all-white bouquet. 

Flower & FoliageSuggestions

Some suggestions for pieces that look great when pressed and framed include:




Bunny tails 

Bracken Fern 


Dusty Miller foliage


Everlasting daisies

Fern (fresh or preserved) 

Flannel flowers



Kangaroo paw




Preserved hydrangeas 

Phalaenopsis orchids

Rice flowers 

Rose leaves

Ruscus (fresh or preserved)




Flowers & Foliage that don't press well 


Billy Buttons





Pom pom chrysanthemum 



Wax flowers


We use high quality perspex frames, as the flexibility and stretch allows for the framing of whole flowers and many layers, that glass wouldn't allow for.  Frames come in oak, black or white and range in size from A5 through to A2.  As a guide, the A3 and A2 frames allow for a majority of the bouquet to be displayed in one frame.

If you  would like several frames, this is still possible with one bouquet.  We will respond to your booking request to discuss.


Request a Booking

In advance of your wedding, get in touch (below) to request a booking for your bouquet. Please complete all fields of information. A description of the flowers and foliage that will be in your bouquet is essential. If you are unable to provide any details about what will be in your bouquet, it is unlikely the booking will be accepted. If you don't yet know exactly what will be in your bouquet, please send through inspiration photos as a guide.

Booking Confrimation

Please note that your booking request is simply a request. We will get back to you and confirm:

  1. if we have availability to press your bouquet, and; 

  2. if we can work with your bouquet.

Invoice & Deposit

If we are able to accomodate your booking, we will send through an invoice for your order. We require a small deposit to secure the booking. Once the deposit has been paid & received, your bouquet is booked in. 

Bouquet Drop off or Postage

You won't hear from us again until a week or so before your wedding. We will reach out with instructions for bouquet drop off or with instructions for posting your bouquet. It is best to arrange for the bouquet to be with us as soon as possible after the wedding (three days max.) and to keep it in fresh water and in refridgeration until then. 

Pressing & Drying

Once we've received the bouquet, the drying process begins. This process can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks, depending on the flowers and foliage in the bouquet. 


Once the drying process is complete, we will begin designing the layout of your frame. At this point, we will be in touch with photos of the design. Once you've approved the design we will make the frame. This process can take up to three weeks. 

Payment & Collection or Return Postage

Because the pressing process is time consuming and there are peak months during wedding season, the process can take up to 6 months in total. Upon completing the frame, we will be in touch to arrange for final payment. Once this payment has been received, we will arrange for pick-up or postage of the frame, accordingly. 



Oak, white or black frames (acrylic glass) 

A5: H 22.8cm x L 16.6cm       $120

A4: H 32.5cm x L  28.8cm       $180

A3: H 44cm x L 32cm                 $280

A2: H 62cm x L 44cm                $350

Pressing & Drying

 Average cost of $60 per bouquet/arrangement.

There is a cost associated with drying and preserving the bouquet, as this process takes time. 

Any additional arrangements to the bouquet will attract another $60 charge. If your bouquet is mainly dried pieces, there will still be a cost for any fresh pieces. 

The total cost for the order will be the cost of the frame + the cost for pressing and drying.

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